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Jungle flowers - new design and description by Saeros2006 Jungle flowers - new design and description by Saeros2006
Well... I wanted to make some newer description of my RP character's species, so... here it is! I wanted to make the Jungle flowers to look more lizard-like and I also changed the aging. I hope you like t :-)
P.S.: The notes are some additional info :-D Oh and the rainforest elf is there for comparing sizes. The picture shows a young male who will fully mature soon.

History: The Jungle flowers used to be the keepers of nature and its balance. They originated form a tropical region called the Everdream jungle. Although they could be considered dragons, the Jungle flowers were a unique species, distant to other dragon types and unable to breed with them.
Friends and allies of the Jungle flowers were the rainforest elves dwelling in Everdream jungle. There used to be a group called The Emerald riders of Everdream. These elves were chosen by the Jungle flowers to fly atop their backs and vanquish every threat to the forests.
At some time, a catastrophic event occured in the Everdream jungle. Some say it was a demon invasion, another say it was something worse. Everdream shattered across the dimensions, many rainforest elves perished and the jungle flowers were wiped out. The only thing that survived was an egg, hidden in a pile of leaves behind a fallen tree.

Abilities: Many abilities of the Jungle flowers are based on their connection to the nature. Their scales provide them immunity to harmful nature magic. Breath weapon of the Jungle flowers is a torrent of energy and resembles fire, but it is yellowish – green in color, doesn’t destroy living plants and although it produces heat, it causes magic damage as well as fire.
The inner sight of the Jungne flowers allows them to sense spirits of the forests, currents of magic energy and other similar things.
Nobody would be surprised that the Jungle flowers use nature and earth spells. That includes ability to summon roots and leaves, healing magic and green bolts of energy. Elder dragons are even able to make rocks move, cause the earth around them to quake or summon fissures to open below their enemy. Their eyes glow green when they use their spells.
There is a strange influence the Jungle flowers have on plants. Wherever they are, the plants grow stronger and heal faster (some scholars think that this would explain why many of the elder Jungle flowers decide to live beneath the roots of some great tree. The scholars presume that these trees are so enormously large because of the dragon’s presence).
Another special ability of the Jungle flowers is called mistwalk. The dragon enters the realm of elemental spirits, becomes pure energy and travels at the speed of a flash. In the outside world, it looks like the dragon disappeared in a cloud of green mist and reappeared in its destination. The Jungle flowers use it rarely because it is exhausting for them.

The Jungle flowres are reptilian creatures and like serpents and many lizards, they have a forked tongue which improves their sense of smell. Like other tropical reptiles, they don’t like cold environment which would cause them to get slow. They are carnivores.

Many strangers who met the Jungle flowers think that they only speak with they mental voice. It is true that they are unable to vocalize languages of other races and when they speak with a stranger, they prefer to show mental pictures and feelings to the person / persons they’re speaking with, but they are able to talk. Their language is a dialect of the ancient draconic language composed from gnarling, hissing an clicking sounds. When communicating with others of their kind, the Jungle flowers also use a wide array of roars, shrieks and some other sounds.

Life cycle: Roughly a month after mating, the female lays an egg, which is dull green in color and sometimes has darker dots on it. The egg is circa 0,5 meter long. After a year of incubation, the offspring hatches. The hatchling is around 0,6 meter long. It stays with its mother but as it grows, it is more and more curious and leaves the nesting site more often. The hatchling has not yet mastered its abilities, but it learns fast to do so.
After a year, the hatchling becomes a drake. It now lives and hunts on its own. A drake is much stronger than a hatchling, its endurance and magic skills improved as well. If a drake meets other drake or drakes, they form a juvenile group. Also, some kind of sexual dimorphism appears at the age of one year. The male drake is longer, around 10 – 15 meters and a female drake is 6 – 8 meters long.
When a Jungle flower reaches its 10th year, it begins to mature. A 10-year-old adult male is around 20 meters long and the female is 14 – 15 meters long now. A male is also more muscular than a female and has red and orange spots on the tip of its wings.
The adult dragons can live in different styles. There can be a lonely male wandering a large territory and mating with every female who lives in there. Both male and female dragons can be nomadic, roaming the land alone or in small groups. They can even live in couples.
Mature dragons are both physically and magically strong. They also grow very slow now. When somebody comes very close to the dragon, he can smell a mild spicy scent. It is unique for every dragon and it helps them to recognize each other.
Some say that the reason why these dragons are called the Jungle flowers is that when a female wants to mate, her scent changes and starts to resemble a scent of a tropical flower. Males who smell it become excited and even aggressive. Because of their long lives, the eggs are rare. Usually, the female lays her first egg between 10th and 50th year, the second one when she's circa 200 years old and sometimes the third one few centuries later.
After 10 000 years, the dragon becomes a wyrm. Wyrms (sometimes called great wyrms) are the eldest and most powerful amongst the Jungle flowers. They usually settle in some cave or beneath the roots of a great tree. A wyrm is much calmer than the younger dragons and feels its deep connection to the world. Like other reptiles, they never stop growing, although the wyrms grow extremely slow, like a few milimeters per decades and later even centuries. A male wyrm is 35 – 45 meters long, a female wyrm 25 – 35 meters long.

Like many other dragons, they don’t die of old age.
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